2016 Awards Dinner

Always a highlight of the year, the club got together for our annual awards dinner.  A successful night rounded off the season and below is the list of award winners.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, see you next season

Here are the 2016 Award Winners:

Sportsman of the Year: Robbie Trueman

Chairmans Cup: Harlon Klaasen

Presidents Cup: Gavin Pfister

Most Tries: Harlon Klaasen (15)

Most Enthusiasm: Patrick Holman

Special Award: 2nd Team

Best Team: 3rd Team

Most Improved Senior Player: Marlo Weich

Best Coach: 2nd Team Coaches – Jason O’Brien & Andre le Roux

Best Back 1st XV: Harlon Klaasen

Full Back of the Year: Pierre Cronje

Most Guts: Marnus Ferreira

Best Forward 1st XV: Patrick O’Brien

Best Captain: Robbie Trueman

U20 Player of the Year: Mathew Boshoff

U20 Forward of the Year: Riaan Barnard

U20 Back of the Year: Wynand Maclachlan

Most improved U20: Alfred Mambinge

2 thoughts on “2016 Awards Dinner”

    1. Good Morning Chris,

      Apologies for the delay. Currently the round closures will not allow for us to park at the Club, however we have put in a request and should hear today. Should this happen we will only have parking in the parking lot and not on the field.

      The Club will be open and running during the entire event this weekend and we look forward to seeing you



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