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Match Report: Dynamiter 4ths vs The Nomads

The first outing for the newly formed Dynamiter 4ths took the form of a preseason friendly against a British touring team, the Nomads. Click here for more info on the Nomads.

The boys had been itching for their first bit of contact, especially the men in the forwards, comprising mainly of grade A Dutch beef. With a completely new side, we had no idea what to expect in terms of who would flare in certain positions and who would see themselves eating a mud pie on the bench the following week. The game was set to kick-off at 7.30pm however the Nomads were apparently distracted by cheap beer and loose locals at their hotel.

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Bangkok 10’s – Dynamiters Tour Report

Picture the scene, – 38 degrees plus another ten for humidity, late afternoon at Patana School in Bangkok, the Bangkok International Tens Shield final…. Dynamiters bodies lie bedraggled all over the main pitch as the Royal Thai Air Force , young, fit and very well coached, hammer the final nail in the Dynamiter coffin with their 6th try… Continue reading Bangkok 10’s – Dynamiters Tour Report